Thursday, 5/12/11: OPT in the A.M. and Yoga in the P.M.


After coaching at CFPT this morning, I jumped in for my third day of OPT group 5 workouts. All by myself. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve EVER done a full workout on my own. I’m impressed with me and you should be as well.

Luckily, nothing in this morning’s workout was all that difficult. (Not a criticism on the programming, just an observation.)

18 box jumps – check.
9 30-meter accelerations – check.
18 DLs @ 60% – check.
75 GH raises – um, wait, what? 75? ugh, ouch and check.

Side note: Slow day at the office, so I finally got around to making my much-hyped Taylor T-shirt. Look at it immediately – it’s amazing – probably the most ELITE shirt ever designed!

Other than the relative ease of the workout, a large part of my motivation for getting thru the WOD this morning was so I’d have time for yoga (at Atlanta Hot Yoga) this evening.

Don’t think I’m going to end up renewing for a full monthly membership after my 10-day unlimited for $30 is up because I’ve only been twice (hopefully I’ll make it in tomorrow morning as well to cut the cost down to  $10/class), but at $17 for a one-time drop in, I didn’t waste any money. I really like yoga, but I learned my lesson with the Wall Crawler membership I locked into for a year when Nickles first moved to Atlanta. Besides, the whole point of adding in yoga is to help me relax (along with forcing me to stretch out and to sweat out all that booze I guzzle on the weekends) and stressing about wasting money is counterproductive. In the spirit of balance and goosfraba – I’ll make it in when I can, ain’t no thang.

UPDATE: That yoga class was torture! Went to an east coast power class this time, and literally thought about walking out around the 45 minute mark. Felt bad that I invited Matt for his first yoga class and then it ended up being so difficult!

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2 Responses to Thursday, 5/12/11: OPT in the A.M. and Yoga in the P.M.

  1. Christine says:

    Did you get the groupon to red hot yoga. It was/is $35 for 10 sessions…I don’t think you need to use them within a month…at least I hope not. I figured that I’ll make my money back in 2 sessions so it’s a pretty good deal. I went to hot yoga on Sunday with Jasmine and Krystol and it was Hot hot hot! Much hotter than Atlanta Hot Yoga.

  2. Becka says:

    Nah, Christine, I missed it. I was super bummed too!

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