Tuesday, 10/1/13

Started out with a Z1 500m row & Bring Sally Up as a warm-up. After watching the morning classes, I wasn’t sure I’d get thru all those squats with the girls’ RX weight of 95# — but I managed to hold out just long enough.

Watch the vid here: https://vimeo.com/75878046

I followed that with a little snatch work before coaching the noon class …

Outlaw Barbell: 130930 — Weightlifting:
A) Snatch + Hang Snatch + OHS: 1+1+3 Find Max For Complex — 65-75-85-95-105

Then I did some 1RM snatch testing: 115-125F-125F … SO CLOSE to getting 125#; just need to get under the bar fast!

115# squat snatch: https://vimeo.com/75889217
125# attempt #1: https://vimeo.com/75889524
125# attempt #2: https://vimeo.com/75889648

Then I did the CFPT WOD from yesterday:

A. Snatch Grip Push Press (Behind Neck): 5,5,5,5 — oops, did 5 sets of 5 (instead of 4×5) @ 80#

B. For Time
30 lateral burpees over DB
100m Sprint
30 DB Snatch (30#)
100m Sprint
30 1-Armed Shoulder to OH (30#)
100m Sprints
time: 6:12 RX

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