Tuesday, 11/5/13


A) Hang Clean + Jerk: 60/2+2, 70/2+2, 75/1+2 80/1+2* 3 sets, 85-90/1+1*2 sets
*note perform ALL cleans first then follow with ALL jerks based on the reps prescribed. Ex: 2+2 = 2 cleans, after the second clean complete 2 jerks.

  • 100-120-130-135 then 145 & 150 for the last two sets; based on 170# squat clean max even though my jerk max is only 160#

B) Clean & Jerk test just because I was feeling lucky … failed 160# twice — last time I hit 160 was probably in 2010

C) FS 1RM — again, I was feeling lucky, but it didn’t go well — old PR from a couple years ago is 215# — 135-175-195#


A) Push Press x 5 reps x 4 sets AHAP: 105# for all 5 sets

B) Pendlay Row x 6 reps x 4 sets AHAP: 65-85-85-85

Metcon: quick burner to work on goats and unbroken sets of each movement; each movement set had to be UB or I had to start that movement count back at 0; the only time this gave me trouble was the final set of DUs.

3 rounds: 10 wall balls (14#), 5 T2B (on the inside cage which is more slippery), 20 DUs, 5 kipping pull-ups — 1:17, 3:09, 6:12 were my splits — last set of DUs was 14-2-10-20

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