Monday, 1/6/13

Today was rough. I’m sick … I forgot my Oly shoes … and my hand started hurting on the snatch/front rack/jerk again. Kept weight light and skipped the FS – just wanted to get in a workout so I didn’t fall out of the routine.


A) Snatch to max in 12 min (2 misses allowed)

  • 65-75-85-90-95-100#
  • sick brain = totally spaced & did the snatch pull+HS+Sn for sets 65# thru 90# before I realized I was doing the wrong thing

B) After snatch max complete Snatch Pull x 1 + Hang Snatch x 1 + Snatch x 1: 3 sets @ 85%-90% of max for the day, rest 60 sec between sets
* you may use straps but the bar cannot return to the ground once it leaves until after the completion of the entire complex except to perform the touch and go snatch. The eccentric work will be good for you.

  • 90#; no straps

Rest 15 min and eat something

C) CJ to max in 12 min (1 miss allowed)

  • 115-135# (stopped there because the front rack and overhead on jerk was really hurting my hand)

D) After CJ max complete Hang Clean x 1 + Clean x 1 + Jerk x 1: 3 sets 80%-85% of max for the day, rest 90 sec between sets
* same rules apply except that you cannot use straps

  • 125#; failed jerk attempt #2 bc of distraction from hand pain

E) FS to 3RM in 10 min — SKIPPED

Skill and Conditioning Combined:

8 min time cap:
50KB Swing Buy-in (53/35)
then complete 4 Rounds:
10 Push Press (115/75)
10 burpee box jumps (24/20)
in remaining time complete ME Bar MU
* score is number of bar mu

  • 3 rounds + 10 PP
  • again, felt really weak/low energy on this WOD — didn’t do any of the PP sets UB, which is nuts.
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