Athlete/Coach Profile

  • CF level 1 certified

    Garage Games team challenge – April 2010

  • CF Nutrition certified
  • CF Olympic weightlifting certified
  • CPR/AED/First Aid certified

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Like most CF addicts, I have the habit of (OK, obsession with) watching CF videos online instead of doing other, more productive things. This one inspired me to dig deep and ask myself, “What make YOU CrossFit?”

The answer: I am CrossFit because I want to be my own action hero.

I’m in love with action movies. I mean, c’mon, what isn’t swoon-worthy about high-adrenaline car chases, excessive violence, explosions, shoot-outs, and the general over-the-top-ness that is the plot of all the best action flicks? Most enticing, though, is the action hero himself.
My Stallone-mania has been growing since I first discovered Rocky in high school. During college I was introduced to my second love, Indiana Jones. And I’ve been lusting after … uh, I mean admiring the acting skills of… Jason Statham for years.

Who doesn’t want to disarm a bomb in a high-pressure situation, be a government assassin or spy, drive a motorcycle in a high-speed chase or simply punch someone in the face after watching a movie featuring one of those badasses?

I ran track and cross country in high school, but abandoned my running habits once I started college. Instead, I ate fast food, drank too much and justified the title of “runner” with a 3-miler once every couple of months. After a while, unsurprisingly, instead of looking like a runner, I looked like a college student who ate junk food and enjoyed my weekends a little too much.

I placed sixth at the CF GA Sectionals in February 2010.

Enter CrossFit. Now, rather than just watching my heroes’ feats on television or in movies, CrossFit enables me to obtain my own.

I still can’t knock out a steroid-packed Russian beast or take on a gang of terrorists single-handedly (a la Rocky and John McClane, respectively) but … I CAN deadlift 163% of my bodyweight. I CAN increase my total each time I compete in an Olympic lifting meet. I CAN tackle my goats each day. And I CAN conquer, or at least face, my fear of heights by learning to rock climb.

My challenge for each of you? Be badass. Reach milestones you never even imagined setting. Try things you never thought you could do. Be your own action hero.

And in the words of John McClane, “Yippee-ki-yay, mother f****er!”

Competition Results:


2011 Open Sectionals: 75th in the Southeast Region // 925th overall
2010 Southeast Regionals (Affiliate Team): 19th (workouts / placing)
2010 Georgia Sectionals (Individual): 6th

Olympic Weightlifting (Full Results)

Date – Event Name – Weight Class – Best Snatch – Best C&J – Total (all weights in kgs)
2010, March 13 – The Open Championship – 69 – 46 – 65 – 111
2009, July 18 – Georgia Games – 69 – 43 – 57 – 100
2008, September 13 – Emory Classic – 69 – 41 – 55 – 96